About Us

Kryvaline Face and Body Art is owned and operated by a Canadian company MD Face Painting founded by Dr. Wei He. Wei was a medical doctor from Asia and has been a proud professional face painter since 2012. Wei strives to bring and develop quality products including paints and accessories to Kryvaline loyal customers from all over the world and wishes all the face and body artists happy painting.

Face Painting Supplies: About us

Face Painting Supplies is a Canadian face and body paint store. We are located in Regina Saskatchewan and have been the go-to paint and supplies store for those who have a passion for the arts. 

Our store first opened a few years ago and has since produced different kinds of paints, accessories and supplies to serve those who like to paint on their skin or make a living out of it. 

Owner and founder Dr Wei He came to Canada a few years ago and decided to open his own shop dedicated to face and body painting. He has been a professional face painter since 2012 and he wanted to bring his skills and share it with others here in Canada. 

Our employees and personnel are trained and know how to do professional face and body painting. With styles inspired by cultures around the world and modern designs, you can rest assured that our store is more than qualified to help you with your art needs. 

Why you should try face painting

For most people, the idea of face painting can be silly or even childish. In reality, the practice of face and body painting has been around for thousands of years. It is still used today in modern events like parties, theatrical performances and more. Take a look at some of the reasons why you should try face painting: 

  1. Face painting allows you to become someone else
    Nowadays, face painting or makeup can allow you to become a completely different person. Whether you are changing your overall look or trying to express yourself, it is a great way to play around with your identity. 

Some people like to paint their faces and dress up as beloved characters like Hello Kitty or Elmo. Try getting your face painted today and get a chance to be someone else for a while! 

  1. Face painting promotes imagination and creativity
    Face and body painting can be a great way to express yourself. It can also help boost your sense of imagination and creativity especially if you’re the one doing the art yourself. It can also help children be happier and learn more about the world of art. 

For example, if a child gets their favourite cartoon character painted on their face, it will promote imagination and creativity on their part. They can also be happier and be more motivated to play. 

  1. Face painting teaches you about colours
    Our world is bursting with colours no matter where you look. There are billions of colours and combinations that you can try no matter what style or design you’re trying to do. Trying face and body painting will help you learn more about colours and the idea of mixing and blending them. To make your creations look better, you will have to be creative and learn more about the different hues to try.