Airbrush Paint (water based)

What are the differences between airbrush ink, hydropaint, and hybrid paint?

The differences between these three products are the levels of alcohol and water content.

Ink contains 100% alcohol; no water.

Hydropaint contains mainly water with a very limited amount of alcohol.

Hybrid paint contains both alcohol and water. The levels of each falling somewhere between ink and hydropaint. Each brand uses different formulas in terms of the percentages of alcohol and water.

As a rule, the higher the alcohol percentage, the more water-resistant the ink/paint will be which means the product is more difficult to wash off with soap and water. Ink is therefore waterproof and can’t be washed off; it must be removed with alcohol. Hydropaint, on the other hand, is easily washed off but it is not water-resistant. This means the paint can be smudged if the person sweats.

Kryvaline Hybrid Airbrush paints contain alcohol, so they are water-resistant and smudge-proof, but the level is low enough that no alcohol is needed to remove the paint. The paint can be easily washed off with soap and water, without scrubbing. According to professional body paint model Krista xxxxxx, Kyrvaline has the most vibrant colors; does not sting the skin when applied, due to the low alcohol level; is the hybrid paint brand that is most easily washed off available in the market.