BAM Stencils

Bad Ass Mini Stencils

When you demand trendy designs that grab attention meet the stylistic needs of customers with high expectations, you turn to Bad Ass mini stencils, otherwise known as BAM stencils. Bad Ass Stencils is the brand responsible for some of the hottest airbrush and face paint designs circulating right now, but you won’t always need the full-sized stencils. The mini face paint stencils featured on this page all measure 3.5″ x 5″, so they are easy to work with and are flexible for any design you want to create.

There are two ways to purchase BAM stencils. You can purchase individual stencils that meet speific face painting needs. You can also purchase the entire classic collection which contains 45 mini face painting stencils in one package. If you are a professional face painter or want to take your designs to the next level, the extension set will deliver an additional 36 mini BAM face paint stencils.There are other face painting stencils on the market, but you won’t find these trendsetting designs from other brands. If your designs are bad ass, it only makes sense to use Bad Ass stencils.