Easy guide to remove face paint

Face Painting Supplies: Easy guide to remove face paint

Face painting is a fun and creative way to express yourself. It is colourful and knows no bounds, allowing you to put your imaginations into real life. Find the best face painting supplies here. We have loads of high-quality products such as premium paints, glitters and brushes among others. However, after putting on face paint, it is important that you remove it properly to avoid any problems. We are here to guide you on how you can easily remove it. Know all about it below!  

Face paints suitable for you

Before applying face paint on your skin, you should know the different kinds that are safe for you to use. The top three paints you should try are the following:

  • Water-based paint

Water-based paint is the safest kind among its other variations. It is non-toxic so it’s safe for both kids and adults to use. Moreover, this is easy to wash off.

  • Metallic body paint

Another great choice is metallic body paint. These are often used by street performers who cover their entire body with a gold or silver colour. It has a glossy effect but is challenging to remove. This is recommended to use only for big and important occasions.

  • Alcohol-based paint

Alcohol-based paint is waterproof that is suitable to use for hot and sunny areas. However, it can easily be rubbed off so avoid touching it when applied to your skin.

Clean it right: Steps in removing face paint

Aside from knowing the different kinds of face paints, it is important to learn how to properly remove them so you can refrain from worrying afterwards. Listed below are the three easy steps you can follow:

Step #1: Apply gentle soap

The first thing you need to do is prepare a basin filled with warm water and gentle soap. Any type of baby body wash or face wash is ideal. Use a facial washer to avoid direct contact with the face. Wet the facial washer then add gentle soap. After doing this, apply it to your face. Be careful not to hit the eye area, especially if you are washing your children’s face. You can use a small soft cloth to gently scrub the skin.

Step #2: Try putting oil

Apply a little oil to a cotton pad if there are still residues left on your face. Any type of oil such as oily cream, coconut oil or olive oil can work. Rub this over the part where there are paint stains on your face. Oil can get rid of stains immediately because it absorbs any pigments or paint.

Step #3: Use makeup remover

There are some paint stains that can reach around your ears, eyebrows, hairline, eyelids and creases on your forehead. Get rid of it using a makeup remover or facial wipes. The different paint spots will easily come off without irritating your skin or eyes during the process.

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