Fun face paint ideas you can try for kiddie parties

Face Painting Supplies: Fun face paint ideas that you can try for kiddie parties

Children, most of them at least, love to have their face painted at kiddie parties. To kids, face paint is like wearing a costume of their favourite superhero or Disney character. 

It may not be Halloween yet but you will need to stock up on face painting supplies from Kryvaline Face and Body Art. With these fun face paint ideas, you will surely be making those eager little faces squealing in happiness.

  • Tiger face – One of the most popular paint designs among kids. Use split cake for easier face painting.
  • Unicorn face – The most popular face paint design for girls. Remember to use bright colours to make this design pop!
  • Rainbow skull face – kids love skeleton faces, but make it impressive with a rainbow skull and ask the child for colour preferences so you can change the colours of the rainbow and skull just the way the kid wants it.
  • Butterfly face – One of the fastest and easiest face paint designs you can make and do different variations on many kids’ faces.
  • Spiderman – Boys love superheroes on their faces and this design only needs three face paint colours, red, black and white.
  • Fast animal face – These are easy to make and fun split cake animal designs, perfect for long lines of excited kids waiting for their turn at your face paint corner.
  • Comic zombie face – Try a different spin on the zombie look with a comic zombie by using bright colours.
  • Hello kitty face – a fun spin on Hello Kitty face paint with a skull look that is also easy to change to the kid’s favourite colours.
  • Angry birds face – You will need red, black, white and yellow face paints to recreate the adorable Angry Birds look.
  • Lion face – Some kids want to look like Simba so you can use yellow, brown, white and pink face paint to create their baby lion faces.
  • Dragonfly face – If there are lots of little butterflies already, you can do dragonflies as well with the same face paint colours.
  • Grinch face – for their Christmas and Halloween look, you can create the designs in green, black and white face paints.
  • Candy corn face – Fun and easy to create Halloween look that would go well with pumpkins and witches face painted kids.
  • Frozen face – Inspired by Elsa from the Frozen movie which is a very popular design among girls who love the sparkles on their faces.
  • Puppy face – Quick design for little boys who want to look the same as their puppies.
  • Santa face – Another Christmas idea that only uses red and white face paint colours.
  • Fish face – This fun face paint is so cute when kids move their mouth because the fish also moves.

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