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Essential face painting supplies for beginners

Face Painting Supplies: Essential face painting supplies for beginners

Learning how to face paint is a great skill that can be used to entertain many people on special occasions like birthday parties and school events. 

Are you planning to partake in this hobby but don’t know what things you need? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Face Painting Supplies, we will provide you with some essentials that you need in order to kickstart your face painting journey. Read to know more about it below.

Face paints

One of the things you need to have before starting this hobby is face paints. Face paints come in three basic styles such as:

  • Matte or Regular Colors: by using this, you will be able to use bold textures which can result in a very matte finish or a glossy finish.
  • Pearl or Metallic Colors: these types of paints have a shimmery or metal-like effect and are used if you want to add some shine to your design.
  • UV or Neon Colors: these paints include vivid colours that look like they glow under daylight and will glow under a black light. These types of p[iantr are great for special effects like a fairy or superhero.

For those people who are just starting out, the colours you should purchase include: 

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Purple

Face painting brushes

Whenever you want to paint a specific design, it is important that you have the proper brush you can use. Some of the most essential brushes you need include (pointy round brushes) and split cakes (flat brushes):

  • Round Brushes: these brushes have a skinny and pointy exterior. This is perfect to use for detailed designs. Moreover, you can also create outlines to give shape to a design that you want.
  • Flat Brushes: these brushes have a flat and rectangular exterior.  This is a great option for laying out a base for the design that you are about to make.  It also allows you to paint more skin faster than with a round brush.

Face Painting Sponges

Once you have laid down a base colour using a flat brush, you now need to use face painting sponges to add finishing touches to your design. Sponges come in different shapes such as:

  • Half Circle Sponges: these sponges are versatile sponges that are popularly used for lying down a base, creating sharp edges and blending colours smoothly.
  • Full Circle Sponges: these sponges are a great option to use for body painting due to their wide structure.
  • Teardrop or Petal Sponges: these sponges are perfect for creating butterfly wings.

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Face Painting Supplies: Types of brushes you can use

Face Painting Supplies: Types of brushes you can use

Face painting is a great activity to do especially during birthday parties, Halloween and many other special occasions. If you’re interested in learning this technique, it is important that you have picked the right paintbrush that is suited for you. 

With some practice and patience, you can start painting beautiful face paint designs in no time. Before buying your own paintbrush, here are some things you need to know:

Selecting an artistic paintbrush

There are a wide variety of paint brushes available in the market. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect one especially if this is your first time painting. For this reason, we have compiled a list of paintbrushes you can use so that you will have an idea of buying the perfect one for you.

Choose a round or bright brush for sharp details.

If you are looking for a paintbrush that concentrates on the sharpness of the details, then this is perfect for you. These types of brushes have bristles that are rounded and have a pointed tip. However, you must know that they come in a variety of different sizes and are used for creating lines, fine details, and edging. 

  • These types of brushes have shorter bristles and allow you to create more detail with your brush strokes.

Pick a flat brush for edging. 

These types of brushes come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can help you produce lines that are perfect for edging. Compared to other types of brushes, these ones have a rounded tip. Due to its wide tip, it can hold paint and be used for long sweeping strokes— perfect for filling in large areas.

Purchase filbert and fan brushes for blending. 

Similar to a flat brush, this type of brush also has a slightly round shape at the tip. However, they are only effective for blending. They may look wide, but they are actually ideal for painting grasses, tree limbs, bushes, and delicate blending.

Using a quality paintbrush

Pull the bristles gently. 

One way to identify the quality of the brush is by pulling the bristles gently. In circumstances where a few bristles fall out, this is likely an indication that the brush is poorly made.

  • Look for bristles that are well-attached to the ferrule (metal piece that connects the bristles to the handle).

Select a brush with flagged bristles. 

If you are looking for a paintbrush, we recommend looking for flagged bristles that look like split ends at the tip of the brush. This is recommended since it means that they can hold the paint better.

Pick a brush with a comfortable handle. 

Lastly, it is important that your paintbrush handles are made from either wood or plastic. Make sure to choose a brush that gives you comfort so that you will be able to paint for a long period of time.

Face Painting Supplies: Everything you need to know about face painting

Face Painting Supplies: Everything you need to know about face painting

Face Painting Supplies: Everything you need to know about face painting

Just like any other form of art, face painting has its origins and was considered an important practice. No one knows when exactly it began, but some experts say that face painting dates back to the prehistoric era, when the early humans would use it as a means of cultural tradition. 

As the years passed, this form of art was passed down from one generation to another, becoming more complicated. When people began to form religions and a more modern way of life, face painting grew with it as well. 

There are many cultures and indigenous tribes that paint their face and body as a means of connecting with nature or a specific god. Soon after, it was also used for decoration and artistic purposes. 

In the 1950s, the practice of face and body painting became popular in different parts of Europe and America. People wanted to look like their favourite artists and popstars by dressing up and styling their hair and makeup. This was a way of connecting and being closer to a person’s idol. 

As time went by, the art of face painting became more modern and was used for theatre and other entertainment purposes. You can see people dressed as clowns and funny mannequins doing their best to entertain people in public places. 

In more serious settings like a theatre, actors wear make-up to enhance their features and be more comical on stage. In reality, face painting is a great way of self-expression and making sure that a person stands out.  

Nowadays, face painting has evolved to be a means of celebration. In western cultures, people like to hire face painters and other artists to make their events fun and memorable. Whether you are visiting a birthday party or a local fair, chances are, there will be someone hired to paint your face or add cool accessories to your outfit. 

As the modern world continues to evolve, face artists also get better with their craft. Their expertise and skill when it comes to their work are admirable because of how beautiful the designs are. You can ask them to portray a butterfly on your face and the result will be amazing. If you have some favourite characters like beloved cartoons or movie personas, chances are they can do that perfectly as well. 

Here at Face Painting Supplies, we make it a point to satisfy our customers with the best supplies for face and body painting. Whether you need brushes, stencils, paints or glitter, we have a wide range of options you can choose from. 

These products are all made with high-quality materials and can even be used on people who have sensitive skin. You can use these products for parties, special events, and even theatrical performances. 

Aside from the supplies we offer, you can also ask our employees for tips on where you can find a good face artist. Our store has a lot of connections and we love to help our customers have the best events and performances possible. 

If you want to learn more about face painting, take a look at everything you need to know about this form of art: 

  1. Face painting dates back to the prehistoric periods
    It can be surprising to know that prehistoric humans could paint their faces and bodies. Even though they had limited access to materials, this practice served as a means of expressing their feelings and even traditional practices. 

When they began to form tribes and societies, some people would put marks on their body and faces to depict social hierarchy. If a person had marks on their face and body, chances are they are warriors or leaders in a tribe. If you think about it, without these early forms of painting, the later generations wouldn’t have make-up or professional face artists. 

  1. You need to be an artist before becoming a face painter
    Just like any other career, being a face painter requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Those beautiful designs don’t make themselves, which is why face painters usually start off as artists. They have a real interest in art and do their best to pursue it as a career.

In reality, making a masterpiece on a canvas is different from painting on a person’s face or body. There is a series of training and study that you need to go through before becoming a professional face and body artist. 

  1. Face painters are trained in workshops and seminars
    Every professional needs to be an expert at what they do. There should be a certain amount of training and studying involved to be accomplished at your job. Face and body artists have to go through workshops and seminars to improve their skills. 

If you have credentials, then there is a better chance that you will be booked by big events. People who host performances or organize parties want to find the best artists out there so being well-trained is important. 

  1. Face artists use high-quality paint and accessories
    Face and body paint isn’t like regular paint. It needs to be safer to use with fewer chemicals. This is because the substance will be placed on a person’s skin. The skin on the face, in particular, is sensitive and could react badly to regular paint. 

For this reason, face and body artists need to use high-quality paint and accessories. They need to be approved by health institutions and be stated as safe for use on the skin. 

If you are looking to hire a face and body painter, make sure to ask about their credentials and type of materials they use. This is important because you want people to be safe and go home with beautifully-painted skin with no health risks.

  1. Nowadays, face painting is used for celebration purposes
    Even though face and body painting started in ancient times, it is now widely used as a means to celebrate. In different countries all over the world, people like to hire face artists to work on their birthdays, special events, theatre productions, and even fairs or carnivals. 

Popular events like Coachella also have professional face and body painters to make sure that people are looking and feeling their best. If you are looking for a fun way to make your event more exciting, then hiring a face painter could be the right choice. 

  1. Modern make-up is inspired by face painting
    Nowadays, people love to put on make-up and enhance their facial features. This can be done by applying products like lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and more. It is a more subtle form of face painting that can make your features look bigger and brighter.

Most people like to put on make-up if they go to work or attend a special event. In big occasions like weddings or fancy parties, you will notice that most of the women take the time to put on make-up. Depending on the amount and quality, putting on cosmetic products can take 15 minutes to hours of application. 

Express yourself with body paint and art

For the longest time, people have used art as a means of expressing themselves. This practice dates back to thousands of years ago and was used by humans for different purposes. 

For example, the first humans painted their faces and bodies for the sake of social hierarchy and other activities such as rituals and hunting. As the years passed, more and more people used face and body painting for different purposes. 

In the indigenous tribes, you can often differentiate people and their group depending on the markings found on their skin. The decades that followed also used face and body paint to perform in plays, decorate faces for parties, or even get married. 

Today, people all over the world continue to use face and body painting as a form of art. This can be in the form of theatrical performance, special events, or simply a way of expressing yourself. 

Some people dedicate themselves to painting and make a living out of it by sharing their talents with others. There are some individuals who want to put art on their skin permanently, and this can be done in the form of tattoos. 

Artists nowadays can put anything and everything on your skin. If you want an image of a snake wrapped around your arm or a butterfly on the small of your back, this can be done easily by talented artists. The same idea goes for children’s parties and fairs. Talented face and body artists can do wonders with a brush and create masterpieces on your skin.