Face Painting Stencils

Face Painting Stencil Sets

Face paint stencils make face painting much more quick and reliable. Designs include patterns, textures and designs in categories ranging from organic to whimsical to abstract. Two brands are offered: the Bad Ass stencils by makeup artist Andrea O’Donnell and TAP stencils. The available Bad Ass and Half Ass stencils are mostly patterns, while the TAP stencils are mostly stand-alone shapes and designs.

The Bad Ass Mini Stencils are a smaller version of the main stencils (measuring at 3.5 by 5 inches) and the Half Ass Bad Ass Stencils are even smaller (3.3 by 2 inches). All stencils are made of a solvent proof mylar material, which is as thick as card stock.

The TAP stencils have holiday themed designs, including Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween, as well as simpler designs such as flowers and swirls. These stencils measure 2.75 by 2 inches, making them a good tool for painting childrens’ faces.