Glitter Tattoo Kit

Glitter Tattoo Kits for Professionals & Hobbyists

Tired of boring, flat, dull tattoos? Glitter tattoos are all the rage for a fun party activity or even as your own business! We offer glitter tattoo kits for every need, from those who want a one-time activity to the person who is looking to paint glitter tattoos for profit. Our glitter tattoo hobby kits come complete with self-adhesive stencils, a range of glitter colors, body glue, and brushes. Stencils range from popular characters to tribal art to animal and floral designs. There truly is something to be found for everybody. Glitter tattoos are exciting because they allow the tattoo artist’s work to really shine through. Our products are very high quality and are long lasting. The glitters come in brilliant colors that make for a striking end product. Our glitter tattoo party kits, hobby kits and business kits all contain the same high level of products with a differing amount of materials. Those on the receiving end of such gorgeous tattoos will be thrilled with the results.