Half Ass Stencils

Half Ass Stencils, otherwise known as HAS, are budget-friendly stencil sets created by the popular Bad Ass Stencils brand. If you want Bad Ass quality but can’t afford most of the higher-end stencils currently offered by the brand, a set of Half Ass face painting stencils will get you in business right away. If you already own full-sized or mini stencils from Bad Ass, you may still want to add Half Ass stencils to your collection for the sake of variety in your designs.

These stencils are sold as collections rather than individual products. Each collection contains 11 stencils, and you can select from a variety of themes. All Half Ass face paint stencils measure 3.3″ x 2″, so they are much smaller than full-sized Bad Ass stencils. This makes it easy to apply a pattern or design to one small area of the face. You can also repeat the stencil to cover larger areas. These face paint design stencils deliver tremendous flexibility, and they blend well with other Bad Ass stencils.

Bad Ass Stencils is one of the most popular stencils on the market right now because they offr trendy designs not found through other brands. If you want to create designs with an edge, these stencils should give you the kick you need.