Kryvaline Palettes & Kits

Face Paint Palettes & Face Painting Kits

Face paint palettes are portable and very convenient for settings such as fairs and festivals; all colors in a palette are accessible at once, and these face painting kits are very easy to quickly pack up. Color pallets also have the advantage of making new colors easier and cheaper to sample.

Kryvaline is a company that produces face paints and other face painting supplies. Here are four different Kryvaline paletes that each have twelve different colors. All of these pallets come in sturdy plastic cases that have clear hinged lids that protect the paints from the elements. Regular color pallets have rich, well-pigmented primary, secondary and neutral colors and are a solid starter set of colors. The neon and metallic color pallets are the basic colors, but with more oomph. The regular color pallets and neon and metallic color pallets come with round or rectangular cakes. The rectangular cakes are detachable while the round cakes are attached to the box. Every cake contains 10 grams of product.

Kryvaline Paint Products are FDA and EU compliant, have not been tested on animals, and are vegan friendly. Our dedication to making and developing outstanding quality products means that you can confidently and safely use them on children and adults as make-up or to create fantastic face or body art. The glycerine and paraffin wax based paints are free of harmful perfumes, sulfates and drying agents, which allow them to be used on sensitive skin, and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Our bright and bold colours are easily blended and offer exceptional opaque coverage suitable for theatrical applications and FX effects. Kryvaline guarantees that our reasonably priced products are made to the highest standards.