Face Painting Supplies: Product list

Art is considered as a means of beauty and expression. Millions of people love seeing the vibrant colours come to life and see them dance on a canvas. Aside from the traditional form of art in making paintings on paper or canvas, people also like to put art on their face and body. 

Face and body painting actually dates back to thousands of years ago when the first humans roamed the earth. Experts say that there is some evidence that points towards ancient humans painting on their face and body. The materials used are unknown, but they most likely got these from nature and other environmental sources. 

Other examples of ancient painting include tribal members who paint their faces and body for different reasons. You can differentiate the leaders, warriors, and common members of a tribe by looking at their face and body paint. 

As the centuries passed, the art of face and body painting showed no signs of going away. Aside from cultural and traditional uses, people also started to paint their face and body for theatrical performances and other creative things. 

When pop stars like Elton John and Lady Gaga rose to fame, everyone wanted to look like them and paint their faces in the most outrageous ways. 

Other examples include avid fans of a sports team like basketball or football. People would support their favourite teams by coming to the live games and painting their face the appropriate team colours. This is a way to show their support and fighting spirit in the games. 

People also like to paint their faces during special events like birthday parties and carnivals. Professional artists are hired to come and bring a set of paints and brushes. Children and adults alike line up and choose the art they want to be painted on their skin. 

Some people want it on their face while others have it on their arms or shoulders. The designs are also limitless, you can choose from a variety of your favourite characters or other beautiful images like a flower or a butterfly. 

These kinds of artworks are temporary and can be removed by washing the skin gently with water and a washcloth. If you are looking for something permanent, other people resort to getting tattoos. 

Here at Face Painting Supplies, we take pride in selling high-quality paints and equipment that are sure to help satisfy your painting needs. If you need paints for a school project or maybe a DIY artwork, we have tons of products to choose from. 

On the other hand, if you need some materials for an event like a fair or a birthday party, we can provide for that as well. Aside from the typical brushes and paints, we can also refer talented artists that can work at your disposal. Simply talk to some of our staff and they can help you with looking for the right artists that can work on your events. 

Our staff are well trained and can answer any of your questions. Read on to learn more about our product list: 

Kryvaline Jewel Shell HeartAdd a little extra design to your creations with these jewel shell hearts. They are small in size and can be stuck onto the skin with no problem. They are easy to apply and easy to remove as well. Putting on these jewel hearts will add that special bling you need to complete your look. CAD $3.50
Kryvaline Super Fine Cosmetic GlitterVibrant colours and shapes also need some glitter to accompany it. Whether you are having a fairy-themed birthday party or a theatre performance, some cosmetic glitter can make all the difference. Our glitter is safe to apply on skin and will stick for a long time as well. CAD $4.95
Kryvaline Split Paint Cake Rainbow (50g) Our store offers a lot of different options for paint. To give you as many options as possible, we have a rainbow paint palette with pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange colours. You can also mix them to make new ones! CAD $16.95
Kryvaline Split Paint Cake Golden Berry (50g) If you want to opt for a simpler design, we also have a golden berry paint palette. This one features red, pink, purple and yellow colours. It comes at a more affordable price and will work just as well as our other paints.  CAD $15.95
Kryvaline Metallic WhiteFor most face and body painting artworks, it’s important to have a good base coat. This is why we advise our customers to buy good metallic white paint. This will set the tone for the artwork and make it look even better. CAD $8.95
Kryvaline Brush Holder and Wash BasinAside from the paints, you will also need a brush holder and a wash basin. This will make the painting process go smoother and be easier. Your brushes and paints will also be taken care of if you have the correct equipment to store them. CAD $12.98
Kryvaline Tattoo Stencil (5pcs)For more complicated designs, artists opt for stencils. Stencils will help make your work more precise and easy to colour. Our store has a variety of stencils from ferocious dragons to pretty butterflies. CAD $2.95
Kryvaline Round brushesHigh-quality paints need to come with a good set of brushes. They need to be the best quality and be easy on the skin. You want your customers to be comfortable during the painting process and a good brush is a way to do that. CAD $4.09
Kryvaline 12 Regular Color PaletteIf you are a beginner, then a 12-colour palette would be the way to go. This option has all the basic colours and will help you get started with a basic set of instructions as well. CAD $35.99

What you need to know about face painting

Just like any other profession, there are certain things you need to remember and prepare for. Whether you are looking for a professional or trying face painting for yourself, there are some precautions to take and tips to remember to help make the process easier. Read on to learn more about what you need to know about face painting: 

  1. Having an artwork catalogue is important.
    Whether you are a face and body painter looking for a job or a client looking for a painter, you still need to have an artwork catalogue ready. Potential clients need this to look at your work and how well you can execute artworks. 

On the other hand, if you are an artist looking for a job, presenting a catalogue is important because it will give you better chances of getting hired. Preparing this essential tool will help both parties in the long run. 

  1. Have a professional kit.
    When working on special events, it is important to have a professional kit. This can include anything from paint bases, brushes, holders, cloths, and more. Preparing a professional painting kit will keep your materials safe and will also make you look more presentable in front of clients. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a face and body painter, make sure to check if they have a professional kit as well. 

  1. Treat everyone with respect.
    No one wants a downer in the middle of a festive party. Everyone needs to be cheerful and treat people with respect. Whether you are a painter dealing with clients or vice versa, everyone should get along well. 

To ensure that the event will go smoothly, some people like to conduct interviews with their clients to get to know each other better. Establishing a relationship early on will benefit both parties and make sure that the event is a smashing success.  

  1. Be educated with the possible effects of face paint.
    Even though professional face paint is safe to put on the skin, you also need to take some precautions. There could be some people in the party who have sensitive skin and can have allergic reactions to certain chemicals. 

If you are a professional face and body painter, make sure to ask every client if they have any allergies or sensitive skin. This will prevent any unwanted side effects and stop people from getting hurt as well. 

About Face Painting Supplies

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